ArtichokeIQF Hearts - Diced, Halved, Quartered, Canned, Hearts in Brine
AsparagusGrilled & Roasted - Diced, Filets, Julienne, Puree, Dehydrated Powder
Bamboo ShootIQF Strips 2" x 3/16"
BeanIQF Green, Assorted Cuts, Puree, Dehydrated
Bell PepperGreen, Red and Yellow - IQF, Puree, Roasted Diced, Roasted Strips, Dehydrated - Granules
BroccoliPearls, IQF, Assorted Cuts, Puree, Dehydrated Florets and Powder
CabbagePuree, IQF - Assorted Cuts, Dehydrated Flakes and Granules
CarrotIQF Assorted Cuts, Grilled & Roasted, Puree; Dehydrated - Chopped, Granules
CauliflowerIQF Florets - Assorted Cuts; Dehydrated Florets and Powder
CeleryDehydrated Stalk & Leaf - Granule and Powder
ChiveIQF Chopped, Dehydrated Rings & Flakes, Freeze Dried
ConcentratesRed Beet, Carrot, Celery, Cucumber, Onion, Rhubarb, Spinach, etc.
CornIQF, Grilled, Whole Kernel
EggplantIQF Diced, Grilled & Roasted - Julienne, Puree
FennelIQF Chopped
GarlicIQF Minced, Sliced, Roasted Minced, Roasted Whole Clove; Dehydrated - Flakes, Granules, Powder
GingerIQF, Diced 1/4" and 1/8"; Dehydrated Kibbled and Sliced
HorseradishDehydrated Granules & Powder
JalapenoIQF Red and Green, Green low heat, Roasted. Also Brined, Diced, Puree
LeekIQF Diced, Sliced; Dehydrated Flakes, Minced and Powder
MushroomIQF, Assorted Cuts, Shiitake Sliced, Dehydrated Slices, Kibbles and Powder
OnionGreen, Red, Yellow, White - IQF Diced, Grilled & Roasted - Pearls, Strips, Onion Blends - Green Diced, Red Roasted Diced, Yellow Roasted ; Dehydrated Granules, Kibbled, Powder, Sliced, Toasted; Freeze Dried (Green)
ParsnipDehydrated Flakes & Powder
PeaIQF Green, Puree; Dehydrated
PotatoIQF - Assorted Cuts
Red BeetDehydrated Powder
RhubarbIQF Assorted Cuts, Puree
ShallotIQF 1/4", Freeze Dried, Diced and Powder
SpinachIQF Assorted Cuts, Puree; Dehydrated Powder; Freeze Dried, Chopped
SquashIQF - Assorted Cuts, Grilled & Roasted
Sweet PotatoIQF, Assorted Cuts, Puree
TomatoIQF Roasted Diced, Wedge with Oil, Reduced Moisture Diced; Aseptic and Bulk Diced in Juice, Concentrated Crushed, Paste, Puree; Sun Dried; Fresh Dried (no sulfites); Organic Dried; Roasted, Savory, Italian Style, Julienne, Triple Dice; Dehydrated Flakes, Granules, Powder & Powder Spray
Water ChestnutIQF 1/4", 5mm Sliced
ZucchiniIQF - Assorted Cuts, Grilled & Roasted