Loman Brown, Inc. works with growers, packers and processors of frozen fruit products from most agricultural areas in North America. With over 30 years’ experience in this field, we can source your many needs.

Using blueberries as an example, we source products from Canada, Florida, Georgia, Maine, Michigan, Mississippi, New Jersey, North Carolina, Oregon and Washington.

AppleEvaporated, flavor infused, low moisture, puree
ApricotFrozen, Diced, Puree
BlackberryFrozen, Diced, Puree, Dried
BlueberryCultivated and Wild - Frozen, Puree, Dried
BoysenberryFrozen IQF
CherryDark Sweet, Red Tart, Frozen, Dehydrated, Powder
CranberrySweetened, Fruit Infused, Frozen Sliced & Whole, Dried, Powders & Granules
Mandarin OrangeCanned
PeachIQF - Diced, Puree, Sliced
PearIQF - Diced, Sliced, Puree
PineappleIQF, Aseptic and Canned - chunks, crusched, frozen concentrate, puree, slices, tidbits
RaspberryIQF - Frozen, Puree, Dried Granules
StrawberryIQF - All styles and sizes, Puree, Dried
FigDried Whole, Diced, Paste, Puree
DateDried Whole, Diced, Pitted